“The earth was not given to us by our parents, it has been loaned to us by our children.”

Climate Change and Global Warming is real and it threatens to unsettle economies and create disadvantages to people in most developing countries.

There are many concerns of opting for an alternate renewable source of Energy and Biodiesel is emerging as the forerunner to replace fossil fuel.
Major Green fuels for the transport sectors are becoming popular in many countries and the fastest growing is that of Biodiesel. Biodiesel contributes to the environment; it secures a region’s energy needs and provides the freedom to rural areas to access decentralized power. As a Green Fuel it also enables the Transport and Industrial sectors to grow on Clean Development Mechanism. Production and consumption of Biodiesel derived from oil-bearing trees improves green cover, raises the water table, prevents soil erosion, prevents Global warming and most of all is renewable and hence stands out as the most preferred alternate fuel for sustainable growth.

It will be appreciated that fossil oil is fast running out. It is therefore necessary to find and support viable replacements that can reduce pollution levels and be truly sustainable.

MONOPOLY Biodiesel has numerous applications. Amongst many uses, it is used in industries, as an alternative Green Fuel for Petroleum based products, in generators, as heating fuel.

The availability of Fossil fuel in the infinite future depends on a number of factors:

  1. The natural and beneficial regeneration of the source of energy – the Fossil fuel.
  2. The cost-effectiveness of producing the Fossil fuel, taking into account the energy cost of production and the mechanical efficiency with which it can be used.
  3. The ease and safety with which the fuel may be stored and used.
  4. Improvement to the environment, which can be achieved and maintained

MONOPOLY Biodiesel is an alternate viable solution meeting all the above factors.

Characteristics of MONOPOLY Biodiesel

MONOPOLY Biodiesel is a clear liquid, without unpleasant odour or handling characteristics, of virtually the same viscosity as mineral fossil diesel oil. MONOPOLY Biodiesel is beneficial in terms of zero carbon dioxide emission, zero sulphur oxide production and a measurable reduction of other transport pollutants.

MONOPOLY Biodiesel may be used in any standard diesel engine without any modification.

MONOPOLY Biodiesel – Advantages

  • MONOPOLY Biodiesel
    is an ecofriendly Biodiesel made from Vegetable oils and its allied products. It is a clear liquid without any unpleasant odour.
  • MONOPOLY Biodiesel
    can be mixed with regular vehicular Diesel in any Diesel Engine without any modifications or can be used at 100% levels in any stationary engine.
  • MONOPOLY Biodiesel
    has a high Flash Point and can be stored anywhere and is very safe to handle.
  • MONOPOLY Biodiesel
    provides lubrication and reduces friction thereby increasing the life of the engine.
  • By using MONOPOLY Biodiesel
    you can avoid adding any expensive lubricating oil.
  • Usage of MONOPOLY Biodiesel
    reduces the pollution levels. The reduction in pollution levels is evident from a comparison of ANY vehicle’s PUC reports from the very next day of commencing utilization.
  • MONOPOLY Biodiesel
    is less toxic than common table salt and rapidly biodegradable.
  • MONOPOLY Biodiesel
    is essentially Carbon plus Oxygen plus Hydrogen. Due to the oxygen content it is a very clean fuel, producing about 50% less carbon particulates than Petro diesel, together with less nitrogen and carbon monoxides.
  • MONOPOLY Biodiesel
    does not emit carcinogenic particulate matter, contains no sulphur, other than by contamination from the soil, acid rain or commercial alcohol used in the processing