FRESQUA has a wide range of products in its portfolio for various applications. Our products are certified by Coastal Aquaculture Authority, Government of India and are Free From Antibiotics. 



Below is a list of our FRESQUA range of products:


Fresqua ACE:

Fresqua ACE reduces hard shell problems of aqueous creatures and assists in correcting hardness and alkalinity problems of the pond water. It reduces effects of excess iron and other toxic heavy metals in the pond and reduces water turbidity and suspended solids to make the pond water pollution free. It maintains optimum pH levels in pond waters in feed, Fresqua ACE improves the minerals strength, growth, body weights, improves health & immunity it promotes healthy plankton bloom. Makes bore well water suitability for aquaculture. Helps for relieving stress and promotes more activeness.

Composition : Grade – I Liquid with Added Minerals


Fresqua ZEO:

Fresqua ZEO is a special aqua grade natural zeolite formulation that reduces water turbidity, adsorbs toxic gases, makes the pond fresh & clean. This allows the aqueous creatures like fish, prawns to feel Super fresh. Fresqua ZEO’s special formulation helps clean pond bottom to keep it dirt free.

Composition : specialty blended oxides of various elements


Fresqua YEZ:

Fresqua YEZ is a special formulation with aqua grade natural zeolite with added rare yucca dust and minerals. It adsorbs toxic gases like carbon monoxide etc. From pond water by its unique molecular pore structures. It neutralizes the adsorbed toxic ammonia by ion exchanging the free ammonium. It adsorbs suspended solids and other contaminants and makes the water more clean.

Fresqua YEZ controls bad / noxious odours from pond water by neutralizing the noxious ammonia and helps to improve dissolved oxygen and phytoplankton levels. It helps in keeping the aqueous creatures fresh by relieving stress caused due to toxic gases and other pollutants and by increasing the fertility of pond bottom. Fresqua YEZ maintains the ph, ammonia etc. In normal range and prevents the chance of disease out break and infection.

Our formulation helps to improve growth, health & immunity. In feed. The added rare minerals helps for better health, strength & growth. Natural zeolite activates the gut for better nutrients absorption and rare yucca helps for more gut health, feeding & growth

Composition : Specialty formulated granules with Zeolite and Rare Yucca


Fresqua AER:

Fresqua AER is a special improver formulation that optimally releases oxygen from the surface to the bottom of the ponds.

Fresqua AER is a natural oxygen releasers in tablet or powder form with added probiotics and minerals.

It releases dissolved oxygen levels quickly and enhances the total D.O. levels in the pond.

With addition of Fresqua AER, the aqueous creatures get complete relaxation from stress and keeps them active and healthy. Fresqua AER assists in preventing mass mortalities and helps to reduce cod and bod.

Fresqua AER helps to reduce toxic gases and reduces pond pollution.

In feed Fresqua AER helps in better gut health, growth and immunity.

Composition: Oxygen release formula tablets or powder


Fresqua SUN:

Fresqua SUN is a powerful stress reliever and performance booster. Its natural formulation has capabilities to release high quantity of oxygen with its other added compounds.

In ponds, Fresqua SUN improves D.O. at a quick pace and maintains the D.O. for longer periods.

Fresqua SUN provides relief to aqueous animals. It improves age and avoids mass mortalities.

In feed, Fresqua SUN, improves the gut conditioner and helps for better feeding, health, growth and body weight.

Composition: Oxygen, Oxides and other added compounds


Freqsua ADD:

Fresqua ADD is a mineral formulation that improves the gut stability and activities which helps for better feeding, growth & body weight.

It increases D.O. Levels which helps for relief of stress to aquatic creatures in ponds.

The shell of the aqueous creatures absorbs vitamins and increases its thickness, which helps for better moulting process.

Fresqua ADD is best for improving oxygen content and a great pond conditioner

Composition: Blended Vitamins and Minerals


Fresqua ACT:

Fresqua ACT  is a special mineral formulation that improves the muscle and body strength of aqueous creatures

By using Fresqua ACT in ponds the water becomes rich with minerals, the creature shell becomes strong, the moulting process starts quickly.

Fresqua ACT prevents shell disease, controls body cramps.

The aqueous creature becomes active and strong, increases growth & weight.

Increases pond coloration with adequate plankton levels.

In feed, Fresqua ACT, helps for better health, immunity,

Composition: Highly selective mineral blends in ideal proportions


Fresqua BIO:

Fresqua BIO formulation contains high grade vitamins and other naturally achieved additives

Fresqua BIO prevents and controls loose shell disease in aqueous creatures and helps for quick formation of shell

It acts as growth promoter in aqueous creatures

Using Fresqua BIO ensures a better life, good strength of the aqueous creatures

Composition: Highly selective mineral blends in ideal proportions


Fresqua LIV:

Fresqua LIV is a general protective tonic and can be given both in normal and abnormal conditions.

Fresqua LIV prevents Liver / Hepatopancreas disorders.

Being a liver stimulant, Fresqua LIV regenerates the damaged hepatocytes.

It improves body weight with better feed conversion ratio, regulates the periodic moulting, reduces the usage of antibiotics and ensures quick recovery in antibiotic therapy

Composition: Highly stimulating mineral and vitamin blends


Fresqua FAB:

Fresqua FAB is a pond conditioner and performance booster improves dissolved oxygen levels quickly and relieves the aqueous creatures from stress.

Fresqua FAB adsorbs toxic gases like Ammonia and reduces the pond pollution.

It acts as best growth promoter & performance booster, acts as best microbicide and prevents the microbial loads.

Fresqua FAB prevents gill infections, tail infections and other external parasitic infections of aqueous creatures and increases health status of the aqueous creatures

Composition: Specialized formula with feed grade adsorbants and salts


Fresqua SOL:

Fresqua SOL is a high grade iodine preparation that is a great water purifier to decrease the contaminants in the water

Fresqua SOL is ideally used in ponds and hatcheries and acts as a water purifier.

It minimizes microbial load in the water.

Fresqua SOL is effective in luminescent bacteria and vibrio control

Composition: Specialized iodine formula